Here is a list of words that have been featured in the 1ACross clue writing contests, the winners of our clue writing contests and their winning clues..


1ACCWC – Hall of Fame

S.NOWordWinnerWinning Clue
148WISTFULSowmya RamkumarSad woman is tearful, when there's no one who listens (7)
147DROP-DEAD GORGEOUSViresh RatnakarDoctor: "Work late, overeat, love, push without limits." Beautiful! (4-4,8)
146TEMPERAMENTALSSV AvtaarVolatile parliament meet is in disarray after India's leader walked out (13)
145SUFFICIENTMona SogalPlenty of nice stuff I distributed (10)
144ANCESTRYRamki KrishnanAmbulances trying to transport blood (8)
143COMPACTCrypt EllaFreshly made camp bed lining is firm (7)
142RIGHTRamki KrishnanHonest , intelligent leader killed ( 5 )
141BLESSEDSridhar VedanthamDamned? Quite the contrary!
140HILARIOUSSupriya MithalGreeting the French royal with " I love America"? ,that's funny(9)
139GOSSAMERFaten IsmailThread created by web designer?(8)
138BEARINGSSowmya RamkumarDoctor earns big position (8)
137BELEAGUERAjeesh V.M.Shortly order beer bottles for Harry (9)
136TRUCULENCESSV AvtaarOrganised lecture with UN covering the source of Chechnyan hostility (10)
135POSITIONVinod RamanDrink is put back inside case ( 8 )
134SOLITUDEHeidi SchroderLied to us about single status (8 )
133DYSLEXIAViresh RatnakarDaughter, easily exceptional, overcame unknown reading challenges (8)
132LEISUREVinit WankhedeBreaking rules? That is freedom ! (7)
131CONTRADICTRamki KrishnanLeaders of democratic India break promise...say "Yes", then "No" perhaps (10)
130EXTENSIONSupriya MithalAppendix ruptured ,toxin seen (9)
129CONTENT Sandhya ParuchuriGlad Australia's not batting (7)
128MATHEMATICIANSowmya / BrianSummer Job? (13)
127FACTIONKaustav DattaGroup sex’s difficult in a cot (7)
126BOHEMIANAjeesh V.M.Wandering man, i.e. hobo,mostly (8)
125OPERATIONVinod RamanWorking a rope into knots (9)
124NEFARIOUSKaustav DattaIt's dark outside, city's unsafe to go wandering (9)
123OREGANOSSv AvtaarClumsy one groans after dropping partners’ dressing (7)
122CROSSWORDSVinod RamanThey are puzzling currents that trouble aeroplanes in leaving or entering (10)
121INVEIGLESSandhya ParuchuriSally gives in to accept the French charms (8)
120CHOCOLATEManish MisraChanel, perhaps, drapes hot behind - sweet! (9)
119TOWELSandhya ParuchuriAfter leaving the club shower, first toss wet clothes in drier (5)
118AMAZONViresh RatnakarA construction worker's son leaves for Zuckerberg's top internet company (6)
117DOUBLE CROSSERHeidi SchroederCon man who nearly won at tic-tac-toe? (6-7)
116ABSENT MINDEDChatur VasiContemplating staying away from work? (6-6)
115RAPSCALLIONSandhya ParuchuriLittle devil knocks and rings endlessly - no one turns up (11)
114CAMARADERIECrypt EllaDear America failing at team spirit (11)
113INDEPENDENT Sandhya ParuchuriFreelance writer is employed by Indian editor associated with ebooks (11)
112MADRIGALChatur VasiAdmiral goes nuts over girl's song  (8)
111JAMES BONDVinod RamanBeguiling dames in job, one turned out to be a famous spy (5,4)
110CONTINENTBhavan KumarAustralia perhaps lacking good representatives (9)
109MIRTHDebasmita BasuHappiness in Kashmir thwarted (5)
108SACRIFICEDGuruswamy NatarajLeaders still argue "Congress rescued India from Imperialism". Contrarily, English departed - simply surrendered (10)
107COMPANIONDebasmita BasuFriend primarily can often motivate, pamper and needlessly indulge one's naughtiness (9)
106PITCHLakshmi VaidyanathanSoft long tone (5)
105FENESTRATEHeidi SchroederLike a sunroom? Best price! One left for the ultimate in elegance! (10)
104MANOEUVREUsha MehtaChap at French open with energy to move (9)
103MY WORD SSv AvtaarJeez! Microsoft product has finally taken off around the end of January (2,4)
102OLD FLAMEBrian DungateOne who had the hots for me? (3,5
101CORPULENTVinod RamanBig computer part's acquired or loaned (8)
100LANDMARK Sowmya Ramkumar50+ score! It's a milestone (8)
99POUNCERamki Krishnan  Leopard follows softly to attack (6)
98GETAWAY. Vinod RamanEntrance numbers 2 and 4 got switched to exit (7).
97FIREWORKSSrinivas KotamarthiCrackers we risk for bursting (9)
96MONITORBrian DungateIT moron broke screen (7)
95BEHAVIOURSiddharth WatwePerformance (Live!) of husband, Topless? Jesus Christ!! (9)
94CARNIVALManish MisraCelebration about match-winning point (8)
93TAKEVinod RamanWin bets endlessly (4),
92DENOUNCESiddharth WatweA cave and a snow leopard. Damn! [8]
91FEATURESMONA SOGALItems ruined after use (8)
90BEASTPaddy CravenAwesome thing! Raging sea fills empty boat (5)
89PRESENTHeidi SchroederGift delivered early? (7)
88STRAIGHTVinod RamanFrank's art to be put up in exhibition (8)
87LAMENTSridhar VedanthamLast word in officer's elegy (6)
86TOASTHeidi SchroederSlice of tomato? A stingy breakfast choice! (5)
85SIMPLEAakash SridharHelp miss carry back a piece of cake (6)
84TRANSPARENTSridhar VedanthamShameless rants about mother, perhaps (11)
83STRINGSCrypt EllaEGAD! Together, they make music! (7)
82INTIMATECryptic Xyzboy"I meant it in a funny way, buddy!" (8)
81FAIRAakash SridharLovely female voice (4)
80RED FACEDHeidi SchroederSome coffee the German knocked over with obvious chagrin (3-5)
79ARTICLEGuruswamy NatarajAn editor can perhaps clear it (7)
78PROLIFERATEHeidi SchroederSpread gossip about old jailbird (11)
77CHRONICLESBhavan KumarStories of Calvin & Hobbes primarily about the ultimate in fictional cronies (10)
76BOOMERANGHeidi SchroederReturn from Nigeria following period of prosperity (9)
75WHITE ELEPHANTSBhavan KumarWe took a beating with these plan wrecking financial burdens (5, 9)
74LAUGHTERSSv Avtaar Left topless girl giggling (8)
73SIMPLICITYGuruswamy NatarajClarity inherent in some young leaders (10)
72HEARTBhaskarbenjamin SunilBloody pump ! (5 )
71DISTANTHeidi SchroederIntrinsic reward is tantalizingly at arm's length (7)
70BEREFTRamki KrishnanFemale wearing a cap, like a widow perhaps (6)
69PEACEAbhai JawaBuried in hope, a certainty of love and friendship (5)
68ILLUMINATERamki KrishnanI will think deeply, scratching the head, and explain (10)
67MIRACLEUsha MehtaIt's a wonder race doesn't end in 1.6 kilometers! (7)
66SHOWEREDAjeesh V.M.Covered but revealed without hesitation (8)
65PATIENCESowmya RamkumarDoctors treat them, say for phlegm (8)
64GENERALRamki Krishnan Popular members of Arsenal are negotiating to come back (7)
63FASHIONSSv AvtaarIt is always in shape (7)
62MATERIALRamki KrishnanPossibly felt important (8)
61DEMOCRACYPaddy CravenProtest almost split Yugoslavia's first government by the people (9)
60FLOATVinod RamanFly lightly over a terrain, primarily (5)
59CONSIDERATIONAakash SridharPayment made with poor credit is a no-no (13)
58DICTIONARYSowmya RamkumarWhere you can find the meaning of life? (10)
57SATIRICALDebbie Manber KupferAct I - "Liars in Rebellion" - not to be taken seriously (9)
56SOVEREIGNVenkataraghavan SahasranamanIt's out of Russian control, autonomous (9)
55PARTNERSHIPArvind KannabiranA spouse is cool company (11)
54PARADIGM SHIFTSSv AvtaarManufacturing diaphragms daily in England, adopting one fundamental change (8,5)
53MAN-EATERTony SebastianOne has a consuming interest in people? (3-5)
52RAINBOWVinod RamanCloud feature not developed to include unlimited email storage (7)
51TURNING POINTTony SebastianA spinner can change the game with this? (7,5)
50ENTRANCESRamki KrishnanTen different contests accepting ninety starting entries (9)
49SCARECROWPaddy CravenScruffy chap races around to brag (9)
48FATHERAtul JairajIn Arafat, he recognized a patriarch (6)
47SCALESTanmay SrivastavaRulers building castles without central courtyard (6)
45REPRISEBrian DungateDr. Peppers - It's her regular way to get going again (7)
44SLIPAakash SridharMistake school for college in a film scene (4)
43PLAINDebasmita BasuModest minister doesn't have tea (5)
42SINGLED OUTHeidi SchroederBlamed for ungodliest mess! (7,3)
41BULWARKSowmya RamkumarPartition figured in Kabul war killing (7)
40ANTITHESISAditya WankhedeState hints destruction of opposition (10)
39MISANTHROPEVinit WankhedeModel on the ramp is a man hater (11)
38RELATINGCrypt EllaReferring to integral's derivative, perhaps ? (8)
37INCIDENTTanmay SrivastavaIncited rebellion, holding the first nonconformist event (8)
36REGISTERSRamki KrishnanChronicles of wild tigress (9)
35WASTESSv AvtaarA stew became rotten (5)
34DELIBERATEHeidi SchroederPlanned where to get a sandwich and half a beer at cost (10)
33SCALPELPaddy CravenLeading surgeons can always look professional exchanging lancet for a blade (7)
32TEMPERVinod RamanThe essential mood predetermining everybody's reaction, primarily. (8)
31FELLOWSHIPArvind KannabiranMan's in good company (10)
30FAINT-HEARTEDPaddy CravenA fan tried the curried chicken (5-7)
29STANDOFFISHBrian DungatePolicy on workplace drinking is withdrawn (11)
28OF COURSEManish MishraAbsolutely lost without sex (2,6)
27FEATHEREDRamki KrishnanHardened wife leaves to get a bit of facial, becomes soft (9)
26HAMPERUsha MehtaPork for every picnic basket (6)
25MEDIUMDebasmita BasuMeans to die another way in silence (6)
24SMARTManish MishraSting starts stealing Madonna's and Rihanna's tunes (5)
23FLUTTERHeidi SchroederShiver with illness, taking the first of two trips to emergency room (7)
22MOMENTRaj JayaramCardamom enterprise holds importance (6)
21DIRE STRAITSHeidi SchroederBritish band tried sitar composition, with some success! (4,7)
20SUMPTUOUSBrian DungateExpensive issue maps tour of UK's even provided (9)
19ENDEAVOURRamki KrishnanEver undo a wrong? Try! (9)
18SHIFTLakshmi VaidyanathanKey Move (5)
17LEATHERGaurav JohriHide Muggle at Hermione's house (7)
16INTEGRATEDHeidi SchroederGet trained at work together (11)
15BREAKPaddy CravenHoliday snap (5)
14SETMohsin AhmedGroup to make crossword clues (3)
13EVANESCENTHeidi SchroederShort sentence rewritten, upon reflection, without a verb (10)
12MAGNETIC FIELDRamki KrishnanLife can get dim? Not exactly - It's attractive! (8,5)
11KNOWLEDGEPaddy CravenKeen to start immediately, student has advantage..It's acquired from learning (9)
10PRESS RELEASEHari MannarsamyWhat Tamilnadu CM does to Karnataka government on Cauvery water every year - It makes a public record! (5,7)
9HYPERSPACEBash AshokMulti-dimensional billboard? (10)
8CONCENTRATERamki KrishnanFocus, study, create new entertaining book (11)
7COLLATERAL DAMAGEArvind KannabiranMountainside destruction has unintended casualties (10,6)
6A DROP IN THE OCEANSSv AvtaarA little anchor ? (1,4,2,3,5)
5CETERIS PARIBUSPaddy CravenRaise prices, but incomprehensibly, everything else stays the same.(7,7)
4GROUNDBREAKINGSrinivas KotamarthiEgg inside salad of Burger King and that's innovative (14)
3CURMUDGEONUsha MehtaGreek character jumps into yogurt, has gone mad, and become a sourpuss! (10)
2SHRINKING VIOLETUsha MehtaShy purpl flowr ? (9, 6)
1MENAGERIERamki KrishnanChaps near Silver Lake zoo (9)
1ACCWC – Hall of Fame

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