1ACross and The Oracle wish all our readers and members a very Happy New Year. Now that you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms of going off sugar, fats and other goodies of the holiday season, it is time to exercise … those parts which have probably gone rusty due to inadequate or absence of use over the last fortnight or so.  We are, of course, referring to your grey cells (unless you have dyed them to some unimaginable colour). Time to use them for


The online interactive version can be completed and submitted by anyone who wishes to participate, on or before EOD 20th January 2018.. All those who submit entries have a chance to enter our new leaderboard for 2018.

Please remember to save the puzzle while solving so as to be able to answer the questions at the end of the puzzle.

Annotations for the puzzle will be discussed at 1ACross on Sunday, January  21, 2018.

Happy solving.

Here’s the link to the interactive puzzle

Here’s a link to the PDF 

A Thought Experiment

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