Update by Sowmya -19th December 2016 – We had a good response for the contest. A total of 43 clues were set by 27 setters – Though we had fewer clues than the previous contest, this was balanced by participation by more setters.  10 of these were shortlisted by our host SSv Avtaar. While the identity of setters were not revealed to him, he provided us with a waitlist of three clues, so that we could substitute readily incase the shortlist had more than one clue by any setter – and this, we did.

The clues that made to the final shortlist were

Setter Clue
Santha Ramachandran Atrocious! France managed to  write off many borowings
Ashit Hegde Atrocious state of Arunachal Pradesh in the past before angry Dr Manchu left
Ramki Krishnan Criminal, safe in our base
Sowmya Ramkumar Criminal use of Iran’s base
Ajeesh Criminal is safe in our building
Heidi Schroeder Encrypted user info hacked by a criminal
Brian Dungate Born in France and working for USA, I could be criminally inclined
Vinod Raman Disreputable fellow overcome by looming debts
Supriya Mithal The mind conceals a fire ,terribly heinous
Kaustav Datta It’s dark outside, city’s unsafe to go wandering

Only 23 respondents cast votes for this contest – vis a vis 33 for the previous contest. 11 clues that did not make it to the shortlist, received at least one vote each from the respondents. Here are the results of our poll..
Ajeesh’s criminal and Vinod’s disreputable fellow were tied for the bronze with 14 votes each.

Heidi’s criminal hacked past for silver with 15 votes.

However, it was Kaustav’s security alert on Rio, that won the (Olympic) Gold with a creditable 17 votes.

Congrats Kaustav. Your clue is now in our WCWC Hall of Fame.

A big thanks to SSv Avtaar as well as all those who participated and voted.

Update by Aashwina – 14 December 2016 . We have the shortlist from SSV and we are ready for voting. Happy voting !! (The Voting is now closed..)

Update by Sowmya – Midnight IST 14 December 2016

The Contest is now closed. Thanks to all of you who have participated and submitted entries. Click here to view the entries received in this contest.
Of these, the top 10 will be shortlisted by the Game host and will be put up for Voting shortly

WCWC 123 had a tie for the top spot with SSV, Kaustav Dutta and Mona Sogal bagging the same number of votes ( 20 ). SSV was chosen as the winner in a tie breaker ( by Vinod Raman) and kindly accepted the baton for hosting this week’s contest. Congrats SSV!

The word to be clued this week is NEFARIOUS

Here are the rules

1. Any number of clues per setter
2. Please anno for everybody’s benefit.
3. The contest closes at Midnight IST December 14, 2016
4. Voting will be open on the 15th and 16th of December ,2016.
5. Results will be announced on Saturday , the 17th of December,2016.

Please submit your clues using this form..(disabled now since contest is closed)

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