Brainiac (our new handle for the Brains of 1AC ) is all set to challenge you all once again with “Mixed Doubles”.

This compilation features a custom grid and clues by me, in collaboration with ten other contributors from our facebook group 1ACross viz., Aashwina Mouli, Arun Kumar, Debasmita Basu, Ganesh Nayak, Guruswamy Nataraj, Manish Misra, Mona Sogal, Narayan Mandyam, Supriya Mithal and Vivek Balaraman.

We plan to publish Mixed Doubles at 9:00am Bahrain time (11:30am India) on Saturday 19th November here, in our blog and it will be open for submission till midnight IST on Sunday 20th Nov.the-conspiracy-at-meru_front-cover

The first all correct entry will be declared the winner. We are delighted to announce that the winner will receive an autographed copy of the immensely popular author Shatrujeet Nath’s latest thriller “The Conspiracy at Meru”

Names of all who submit fully correct entries will go in to our Hall of fame.

So while we are working hard, go ahead and get some net practice. Watch out for the aces and try to avoid faults / double faults. Be kind to us, for as you know, we love you all..

Game, Set, Match…We are ready.. Are you ready to play “Mixed Doubles”

Mixed Doubles – The Teaser

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