We had 29 submissions of which 16 were all correct. For scoring purposes, I first ranked the submissions based on number of correct entries and then based on the time of submission (for a total of 85 points). Further, points were given to identification of the theme (6 points) and for number of theme words correctly identified (1 point for each of the 9 theme words).

Without much ado, here are the top 10 winners..

1. Ramki Krishnan gets top honors with a score of 99 out of a max 100
2. Joint second position goes to Lakshmi Vaidyanathan and Bhavan Kumar with 95 points each
4. Akshay Bhandarkar, who was the first to submit an all correct entry – 93 points
5. Sandhya Jasti Paruchuri – 92 points
6. Loks Subrahmanyam – 90 points
7. Viresh Ratnakar and Venkatraghavan Sahasranaman – 89 points
9. Paddy Craven – 87 points
10. Vivek Balaraman and Debasmita Basu – 85 points

Here’s the solution grid. The theme was Anniversaries and the theme words have been highlighted for easy reference.


This community grid was a joint effort of 27 setters. 22 setters set 1 clue each while 5 of them (Ganesh, Martin, Heidi, Brian and SSv) set two clues each.

We polled a total of 87 votes for the best clues in the grid from 29 solvers. Each clue that was selected best was awarded 3 points and then 2 and 1 point each based on the choice of each voter.

25 clues managed to get atleast one vote, which was a testimony to the quality of the clues. The votes were truly scattered across the board indicating that solvers had a tough time picking the ones they liked.

Based on the votes, here are the top 10 clues

1. Learning – Usha Mehta
2. Zeal – Heidi Schroeder
3. Inveighs – SSV Avtaar
and Icepicks – Loks Subrahmanyam
5. Heed – Ganesh Nayak
6. Tear Down – Amrita Majumdar
and Leather Ramki Krishnan
8. Good Luck – Ajeesh VM
Zodiac – Ganesh (again:)
and Consign – Aashwina Mouli

Other clues and setters (in no particular order)

1. Oracle – Heidi Schroeder
2. Retrocede -Brian Dungate
3. Lead – Brian Dungate
4. Dystopia – Paddy Craven
5. Copper -Lakshmi Vaidyanathan
6. Crystal – Sowmya Ramkumar
7. Patio. – Debasmita Basu
8. Hotline – Arvind Kannabiran
9. Midpoint – Arun Kumar
10. Silver – Akshay Bhandarkar
11.Iron – Martin DeMello
12. Eglantine – MartincDeMello
13. Originate – Viresh Ratnakar
14. Curators – Manish Misra
15. Antipasto – Crypt Ella
16. Idiot – Narayan Mandyam
17. Eskimo – Xyzboy Frndz
18. Spades – Abhai Jawa
19. Paper – Bhargav Gopal
20. Cotton – Balakrishnan Satyam
21. Golden – Viveca Bhatkal
22. Linen – SSv Avtaar

Grid 5 – Solutions

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One thought on “Grid 5 – Solutions

  • 07/11/2016 at 5:55 am

    I marvel at the team work of compiling such a not-so-easy crossword with so much coordination. Who curates this ? How much time does it take to collect the contributed clues and put them together as a grid for solving?
    I have always believed that crosswords are one -(wo)man games and those who solve are loners and ”anti-social” ! At least, this was my experience in Nairobi where I found the community to be so insular! However, I broke ice with many , at my own initiative and made a good lot of friends . In India, this”arcane”game has becom very popular, especially among a few females, like in the UK. More power to all of us in sharing this intellectual pursuit !

    I enjoyed completing the Jubilee -themed puzzle. Thanks to all those who made it possible.

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