Puzzle – Mayday

Stats:  Our game post had  371  visits. We received a total of 17 submissions (excluding multiple submissions) from the following people who managed to successfully solve and submit the grid. In alphabetical order, they were

Andrew Warden, Ashley Smith, Brian Dungate, Chatur Vasi, Col. Deepak Gopinath, Debasmita Basu, Guruswamy Nataraj, Mona Sogal, Mukundala Balasubramanyam, Neelima Rai, Nemo Omen, Raju Umamaheswar, Ramki Krishnan, SSv Avtaar, Supriya Mithal, Vasant Srinivasan and Vinayak Ekbote

Congrats to each of you who managed to complete the grid and submit it.

Of the above, 14 people managed to submit all correct answers. 14 of those who submitted also managed to spot the message in Morse code around the periphery of the grid. While SSv Avtaar managed to pick up this NINA, he didn’t get a full score on the grid. Guruswamy on the other hand, missed the NINA.

Only two people namely Col. Deepak Gopinath and Ashley Smith also managed to spot the second NINA – “HELP” correctly.

The third NINA was the most elusive.. and Only one person spotted and identified it correctly in his submission.

Without further ado, we are happy to announce “Col. Deepak Gopinath” as the Winner of this puzzle.

Here are the names of those who submitted correct entries (with at least one NINA) and they go into our Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame entrants

Congrats Col. Deepak and to all our  HoF entrants.

The puzzle received an “Excellent” rating from 10 solvers and a rating of “Good” from the remaining 7. The clues that were picked most times as favorites were for “Deadline”, “Overhead” and “Diesis”.

Thanks to “The Oracle”  for  another thoroughly enjoyable puzzle.

Hope you all enjoyed it as well. Do comment / write to us with your feedback.

Mayday-Hall of Fame

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2 thoughts on “Mayday-Hall of Fame

  • 07/05/2017 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks for a wonderful puzzle that I could compete and complete. Happy to see that I did get featured amongst the 17 others. TINE was a tricky one ! I see the obvious spotting of the Mayday message and the Nina. Congrats to Col Gopinath and all those featured in the Hall of Fame. Will now learn to be patient and observant as a spotter. Would like to participate in many more for which notifications may be sent to me.

  • 08/05/2017 at 9:26 am

    A super puzzle, set just at the level I enjoy as a solver. Cleverly constructed to boot. Thanks again!


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