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Stats:  Our game post had 370 visits. We received 11 submissions from the following people..

Amrita Majumdar, Brian Dungate, Chatur Vasi, Col. Deepak Gopinath, Ganesh Nayak. Kishore Rao, Narayan Mandyam, Ramki Krishnan, Sandhya Jagadish, Vignesh Kiran, Vinayak Rao Ekbote (Names in alphabetical order)

8 of these solvers spotted the NINA correctly and also identified that Samurai Pony was an anagram of the first names of the setters. This included Kishore Rao, Col. Deepak Gopinath, Sandhya Jagadish, Ramki Krishnan, Vignesh Kiran, Chatur Vasi, Ganesh Nayak and Vinayak Rao Ekbote.

Only 6 solvers submitted all-correct solutions. They were Narayan Mandyam, Ramki Krishnan, Vignesh Kiran, Ganesh Nayak, Vinayak Rao Ekbote and Amrita Majumdar.

Just 4 solvers managed to do both and thus they stake an entry into our Hall of Fame.  Of these, the first person to score full points and answer the two questions correct was none other than our IXL Champion and  we are happy to announce “Ramki Krishnan” as the Winner of this puzzle.

Hall of Fame entrants

Congrats Ramki and our HoF entrants Vignesh, Ganesh and Vinayak Rao Ekbote. Thanks to “Samurai Pony”  for  a wonderful debut.

Hope you all enjoyed this one. Do comment / write to us with your feedback.

2’s Company – Hall of Fame

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  • 17/04/2017 at 4:14 am

    Congrats Ramki, Vignesh Kiran and Ganesh Nayak. Thanks Mona & Supriya for a wonderful puzzle and thanks Sowmya for hosting it.

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