Update by Sowmya -25th March 2017 – We had a good response for the contest and we not only received 43 entries from 28 setters, but also polled 93 votes from 31 members.

Thanks to all of you who participated and submitted entries. You can view the entries received in this contest here.

Here are the results of our poll..

Setter Clue Votes
Viveca Bhatkal The last thing a yes-man would do? 8
Mona Sogal …refuse to accept contract I’d misprinted 11
Ashit Hegde To counter crazy Dr. No.’s tactic is pointless 2
Heidi Schroeder Cross exotic Nordic cat with a little tabby 7
Faten Study modern art and design to start with, it’s about challenge 3
Ashley Smith Heartless felon welcomed jazz challenge 5
LV Challenge agreement without date & initial 10
Viresh Ratnakar Challenge shrink to admit Donald’s insane, for starters 10
Sridhar Vedantham Oppose princess, indeed! 18
Ramki Krishnan Leaders of democratic India break promise…say “Yes”, then “No” perhaps 19

Mona’s refusal to accept misprinted contracts  picked up 11 votes for the bronze. Sridhar and Ramki’s clues were running very close to each other and till the last minute had the same number of votes. However the leaders managed to pip the Princess and Ramki took the Gold with 19 votes.

This clue is now in our 1ACCWC Hall of Fame. Congrats to Ramki, Sridhar and Mona.

Thanks to our host Supriya Mithal  and all members who participated and voted with great enthusiasm.

(Voting is now closed)
Update by Sowmya 3:30PM 23rd March 2017 – And we have a shortlist ! Thanks Supriya for the quick turnaround. Here is the voting form. Please vote for your three most favourite clues.


In case you can’t see the form, click the link here

Update by Sowmya – Noon IST 23rd March 2017

Thanks to all of you who have participated and submitted entries. We had a good response for the contest. We received 43 entries in all from 28 setters. 15 setters used their full quota of 2 clues while the remaining participated with one clue each.

We managed to get a good variety of clue types distributed between 17 Containers, 10 Charades, 10 Chanagrams, 3 Anagrams and 1 each of DD, Acrostic and CD clue types. There were no telescopics or &lits.

The most popular word play idea seemed to be some version of DI or ID inserted into CONTRACT.

Click here to view the entries received in this contest.

Of these, the top 10 will be shortlisted by the Game host Supriya Mithal and will be put up for voting shortly. Do watch this space and come back to vote to select your favorite clue.

Congratulations to Supriya Mithal for winning 1ACCWC 130 !

Her choice of the word to be clued today is CONTRADICT (10)

Here are the rules

1. Limit of 2 clues per setter .
2. Please anno for everybody’s benefit.
3. The contest closes at 10 PM on the 22nd of March , 2017.
4. Voting will be open till 25th of March, 2017.
5. Results will be announced on Sunday ,the 26th of March , 2017.

1ACCWC -1ACross Clue Writing Contest no 131

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  • 19/03/2017 at 2:50 pm

    Please include “container” as a clue type in the menu.

    • 21/03/2017 at 12:15 am

      Also, often there are multiple types of wordplay elements — please allow choosing more than one.

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