Puzzle – With Lots of Love

Stats:  Our game post had close to 600 visits, indicating that a good number of people checked out “The Oracle’s” Valentine day special.

We had  19 successful submissions from the following people, who managed to solve and submit the grid. In alphabetical order, they were

Aashwina Mouli, Amrita Majumdar, Chandrasekhar, Chatur Vasi, Debasmita Basu, Deepak Gopinath, Ganesh Nayak, Guruswamy Nataraj, Mona Sogal, Mukundala Balasubramanyam, Neelima Rai, Raju Umamaheshwar, Sabareesh Nikhil, Sandhya Paruchuri, S.Sreenivasan, Supriya Mithal, Tulika Das, Vasant Srinivasan and Vinayak Rao Ekbote

Most of the above mentioned also sent us email with colored red hearts, as requested by The Oracle.  We also accepted all correct entries based on the responses to the questions asked at the end of the puzzle. All your love has been passed on. Congrats to each of you who managed to complete the grid and submit it.

Amongst all the participants, the first all correct entry, was received from Aashwina Mouli, who not only scored full points on the grid but also identified the hidden features correctly.  Without further ado, we are happy to announce “Aashwina Mouli” as the Winner of this puzzle.

Here are the names of those who submitted correct entries and they go into our Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame entrants

Congrats Aashwina and all our HoF entrants. Thanks to “The Oracle” Kishore for  this entertaining puzzle and hope you all enjoyed solving it. Do comment / write to us with your feedback.

With Lots of Love – Hall of Fame

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2 thoughts on “With Lots of Love – Hall of Fame

  • 20/02/2017 at 6:42 pm

    Congratulations to Aashwina and all the all correct entries.

  • 20/02/2017 at 8:16 pm

    Superb puzzle.Enjoyed doing this.
    Congratulations to Aasshwina.
    Thanks to the Oracle who is incredible(!) & Sowmya

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