1ACross and “The Oracle” are happy to present “Boo”, an exclusive grid for our members and readers. 

The online interactive version can be completed and submitted by anyone who wishes to participate.

Annotations for the puzzle will be discussed at 1ACross on Sunday, November  12, 2017.

Happy solving.

Special Instructions: Where clues have two enumerations, the first one is the length of an intermediate word called the Kangaroo, which is the result of wordplay or is defined by part of the clue. The Kangaroo word carries a Joey word (with letters  appearing consecutively and in the correct order) and is a theme word. The second enumeration is the length of the Joey word which is to be filled up in the grid. Annotation of a clue will involve arriving at the Kangaroo and highlighting the Joey carried by it.

Some regular clues lead to thematic answers too.

Here’s the link to the interactive puzzle

Here’s a link to the PDF 





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One thought on “Boo

  • 31/10/2017 at 7:18 pm

    Nice and unusual type of crossie. What would we call these as ? Any special name? Container clued crossies ?

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