(O)racle and 1ACross  are happy to bring to you to this set of Deepavali Spirals. Deepavali is the season of Dhamaka and Double Dhamaka! How about a Double Dhamaka that is also a Triple Dhamaka or more …?

What if it helps you to decide whether you are a Rightist or a Leftist, a Clock-wiser or an Anti-Clock-wiser, an outgoing personality or one bordering
on a singularity? But remember this: Sometimes different paths lead to the same destination! Have a blast … or two …

PS: Flowerpot is just one of those things, along with other similar paraphernalia, though sadly no pfish are involved.
Happy Deepavali and Happy solving…

There are two puzzles in this set. The grid, representing the Ground Chakras or Chaklis (as per your preference), can be used for either puzzle. An interactive version is not available for this puzzle due to its unique shape. Numbers at the beginning of clues give the starting and ending cell numbers, while the numbers at the end of clues give the length of the answer.


Puzzle: 1

This is a less complicated one and has a small number of clues and is meant to make you usually-square-crossworders take your first baby steps when going round the bend. However, there are no checking letters except for spanners. Spanners start somewhere in an answer and stretch into the next answer/s. All answers contribute at least one letter to a spanner. All spanners belong to a similar set – i.e. the theme words in the grid.


Puzzle: 2

This puzzle may be solved spiralling in or spiralling out or at your convenience, or as two separate grids, or if you prefer it, in the same grid. In effect, it has 100% checking.


A PDF Version that can be downloaded is available Here

The grid will be posted for discussions / Annotations at the 1ACross facebook group on 30th October.

Deepavali Spirals

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