Stats – 26 entries were received in all for this puzzle. When duplicates were discounted, there were 25 unique entries. 17 of those who attempted the puzzle got a full score of 35. The following is the list of people who had full scores, in alphabetical order..

1. Aashwina Mouli
2. Akshay Bhandarkar
3. Amrita Majumdar
4. Ashit Hegde
5. Col. Deepak Gopinath
6. Ganesh Nayak
7. Guruswamy Nataraj
8. KK Rao
9. Lakshmi Vaidyanathan
10. Mona Sogal
11. Neelima Rai
12. Ramani
13. Sridhar Vedantham
14. Vasant Srinivasan
15. Venkatraghavan S.
16. Vignesh Kiran
17. Vinayak Ekbote

Congrats to all of you.

Here’s the Solution grid

Questions asked at the end of the puzzle included Annotations for Clues 15A, 16D and 1D.

Here are the Annotations


1. Feisty model accepts online invitation(no strings attached),for party(9) [FESTI{eVITe}Y]*
6. A number of beginners thankfully have received elementary education(5) Acrostic
9. Fool caught leaving for bar to get punch(5) (-C+T)HUMP
10. Plenty of first class rock and roll shown earlier(10) A BUN DANCE
11. Writer’s involved in shaping new adventures(10) {HAP(PEN)INGS}*
12. Not very heavy set? Sure!(5) (HEAVY -V )* = YEAH
14. Witnesses sorcerers from the east bearing burdens(7)  Reverse telescopic
15. Putin for one managed to have publication cut short and retracted(7)  [R{(-e)USSI<<}AN]
17. Communist has no second thoughts about giving answer(7) RE( SP ON <<)D
19. Sea trip’s disastrous because of them(7) PIRATES* Semi&lit
20. Brownies taken regularly are setter’s favourite perhaps(4) BrOwNiEs
22. Eat heartily,perhaps often snore endlessly at these times of day(10) eAt {OFTEN SNOR(-e)}* = AFTERNOONS Semi &lit
25. Essentially ,wound’s cut open by a doctor in front of vehicle(9) A MB woUnd LANCE
26. Son leaves food for little critter(5) MOUS(-S)E
27. Physician on ship carried English attire(5) DR( E) SS
28. Warn man to be cleaner(9) DETER GENT ,def : cleaner


1. Right away,make a fuss about husband’s conduct(5) F(-r)ET C H
2. Artists from school mostly participate in playing sports(9) [ S {(-t)LUC<<} PTORS]*
3. Fancy edition(10) DD
4. Bold type of characters, not at all straight(7) CD
5. Not as old as Brigham the Mormon and Queen(7) YOUNG ER
6. Check revolutionary movement(4) edit<<
7. First of all,end government’s near-sightedness and rationalization about class(5) Reverse Acrostic,
8. Retired football player essentially authors a book on small animals(9) ELEP<< autHors A NT S
13. Scientist remonstrates,upset about group being dropped over nothing(10) (REMONSTRATES – set<<)*over O = ASTRONOMER
14. Many get into automobile at first to bring packing material(9) CAR D BOARD , car at first
16. Found hot model at bar,posh and extremely co-operative(9) IN T ROD U C(-ooperativ)E
18. Prominent journalist turned up at encounter we heard(7) DE<< FINED,hp Find
19. Contemporary exhibit(7) DD
21. Some cappucinno blends are excellent(5) Telescopic
23. The man puts on attitude for film(5) S(HE)ET
24. Most luxurious asset(4) PLUS(-h )

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