Stats – 27 entries were received in all for this puzzle. When duplicates were discounted, there were 25 unique entries. Only 8 of those who attempted the puzzle got a full score of 31. The following is the list of people who had full scores, in alphabetical order..

1. Aashwina Mouli
2. Akshay Bhandarkar
3. Ganesh Nayak
4. Neelima Rai
5. SSv. Avtaar
6. Supriya Mithal
7 Venkatraghavan S.
8 Vignesh Kiran

Congrats to all of you.

Here’s the Solution grid

Questions asked at the end of the puzzle included Annotations for Clues 8A, 12A and 3D.

Here are the Annotations


1. Party turned into fun, after completely naked dancers entered (8) (into fun)* having C
6. Ether is used as a number (5) Ether*,
8. A break-up the first time, left son needing some pills and spirits (11) [A + par(-t)ition + s] around P
9. Tore branded clothes (3) Telescopic
11. Respect some sacred items (6) Telescopic
12. Car silencer nearly got damaged, after striking a small fence (8) [Carsilence(-r)]* minus (A+S);
13. Some animal having whiskers at the mouth makes these sounds (5) Some* having W(-hiskers)
15. Losing one final to Juventus, Chelsea’s football manager isn’t happy (7) [CONTE + ISNT] minus (I + S)
17. Ultimately, North America has to put a stop to Donald’s leadership, man! (7) H+US+BAN+D
18. U2’s lead vocalists do this for practicing (5) U+SING
21. He lives in the city, but owns many houses (8) Telescopic
22. Animal from a cold area, behind a high snow-capped mountain (6) ACA behind ALP
23. Totally’s another word for completely (3) Telescopic
24. Became angry about failure, and changed decision completely (4-7) FLIPPED about FLOP
25. Planet very close to the Sun perhaps (5) Very=V, close to the=E, Sun perhaps=SUN*
26. Sachin Tendulkar made the highest number of these trials (4,4) DD


2. Who enforces rules and resolves disputes in United Kingdom, when leader is gone? (6) U + (-E)MPIRE
3. Funny ol’ _____ ___ amuses, as Monica Geller’s husband (8,4) CA and &Lit – (ol Chandler Bing amuses)* = (Monica Gellers husband)
4. Charlie’s flying to India, leaving Nebraska after vacation (5) (TO INDIA)* minus NA
5. No one lied, after getting busted and caught (6) N+A+LIED*
6. I can’t use old pants that became tight (9) (I cant use o)*
7. Preparing mutton leg in Bengali style (8) N in (BENGALI)*
10. Wife preparing salad dressing – it’s something made out of plants (7,5) W + PREPARING* around IT
14. We’re huge fans of playing with wild animals, without any bit of apprehension (9) (WILD ANIMALS)* without any A’s
16. She might’ve lived in Belgrade, parts of Kiev, also Guyana, up north (8) Reverse telescopic
19. What has blue liquid changing to pink? (3,3) (to pink)*
20. Vulgar scene given ‘Restricted’ rating for broadcast (6) SCENE* having (given) R
22. When I need to locate places, I use this as a last resort (5) A + last*

1ACGridfest – Grid 2 – Griddle – Solutions, Annotations & Stats

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    Can you please also include the list of questions that were asked of the participants (the questions were mostly specific solution annotations). Thanks!

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