Another tough word this week ( with multiple definitions and a plural to boot ), for which we received 29 entries from 20 setters in all. The quality and variety of the clues was really good.Charades proved to be the most popular choice for our setters this week- we had 7 of them . Anagrams were a close second – we had 6 of these . Rare clue types include a semi lit from Nemo Omen and an &lit from Balachandra Pasupathy and a homophone from Viresh.

Honourable mentions – Akash’s clue with “One Direction” and Ganesh’s clue on coordinating barges.

Here is the summary of the votes received.

Setter Clue Votes
Nemo Omen Situation relatively better at the borders, easing after agitation (8) 12
Supriya Mithal North Indian River has round course(8) 4
Viresh Ratnakar Sounds of clothes getting taken off, of course! (8) 3
Faten Ismail Engineer barges in to give directions 11
Nemo Omen One following a range is bound to get these? (8) 5
Aakash Sridhar British singer extraordinaire entertains ‘One Direction’ (8) 9
Sowmya Ramkumar Transports around each location 3
Sowmya Ramkumar Doctor earns big position 15
Ganesh Nayak Coordinates movement of barges carrying essential things (8) 9
Amrita Majumdar Live around southern neighbourhood (8) 4

Faten’s elegant anagram bags the bronze .Nemo and Sowmya had two clues in the top 10 and both of them have a clue that made it into the top 2 . Nemo gets the silver with an out of the box definition and Sowmya gets the gold for another elegant simple anagram .

Congratulations to Faten , Nemo , Sowmya and all the others who made the shortlist. This clue is now in our 1AC Hall of Fame.

Thanks to our host Ajeesh, who actively participated in the game and kept the momentum going, as well as all members who participated and voted with great enthusiasm.

The list of entries for this contest can be found here

Congratulations to Ajeesh VM for winning 1ACCWC 137 !

His choice of the word to be clued today is BEARINGS (8)

Here are the rules

1. Limit of 2 clues per setter .
2. Please anno for everybody’s benefit.
3. The contest closes at 10 PM on the 12th of July,2017
4. Voting will be open till the 15th of July , 2017.
5. Results will be announced on Sunday ,the 16th of July, 2017.

1ACCWC- 1Across Clue writing contest No 138

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