Update by Sowmya, 12.00 Noon, Sunday 2nd July, 2017.

Another tough word this week, for which we received only 23 entries from 16 setters in all, but the quality of the clues was really good.  Chanagrams proved to be the most popular choice for our setters this week as well, and there were 11 of these, Rare clue types included a composite anagram by Loks and an &lit by Bhalchandra.

Ashley’s clue  exploited a clever homophone and though it did not make the shortlist, it got a creditable 4 votes in the “others’ list. Also, the &lit clue by Bhalchandra, which managed to pack two definitions in the word play was brilliant and deserves a special mention from our team.

Here is the summary of the votes received..

Setter Clue Votes
Viresh Ratnakar Harry Potter finally succeeds; battle ends Order 15
Viresh Ratnakar Annoy, plea endlessly, and argue incoherently after half a drink 8
Chatur Vasi Harass learner in competition with debate participant – right away! 7
Santha Ramachandran Perhaps rebel has fever bug 11
Ganesh Nayak Rebel shivering, beset by fever, perhaps plague 2
Kishore M. Rao Attack group endlessly immersed in drink 9
Ajeesh Shortly order beer bottles for Harry 20
Col Deepak Gopinath Torment agitated rebel over a fit of shivering 5
Bhalchandra Pasupathy Keep borders closed, bug real badly 4

Ajeesh’s simple and elegant clue swept the competition with 20 votes. Viresh had two clues in the top 9, and his Harry Potter succeeded with 15 votes and the silver. Santha’s shivering rebel bagged the bronze with 11 votes.

Congratulations to Ajeesh, Viresh, Santha and to all others who made the shortlist. This clue is now in our 1AC Hall of Fame.

Thanks to our host SSv, who actively participated in the game and kept the momentum going, as well as all members who participated and voted with great enthusiasm.

The list of submissions for this contest can be found here
Update by Aashwina 8:45 PM Tuesday 27th June , 2017.

Here is the list of clues received for this contest

We have the shortlist from SSV from the above ( quick turnaround indeed – there are 9 clues shortlisted this time .) Here’s the voting form. Please choose your favorite clues.

Please use this link in case you are not able to access the form above


Congratulations to SSV Avtaar for winning 1ACCWC 136 !

His choice of the word to be clued today is BELEAGUER (9)

Here are the rules

1. Limit of 2 clues per setter .
2. Please anno for everybody’s benefit.
3. The contest closes at 10 PM on the 21st of June,2017 .
4. Voting will be open till the 24th of June , 2017.
5. Results will be announced on Sunday ,the 25th of June, 2017.

1ACCWC -1ACross Clue Writing Contest no 137

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