Another slow competition. A tough word meant that we received 22 entries in all for the competition . Chanagrams proved to be the most popular choice for our setters. 5 angry uncles made it to the clue list and 3 of them to the final shortlist. Here are the results of the competition.


Setter Clue Votes
SSV Avtaar Organised lecture with UN covering the source of Chechnyan hostility (10) 18
SSV Avtaar Case of ripe succulent bananas kills son’s resistance (10) 13
Ashley Smith Uncle gets involved in peace deal that leads to animosity (10) 12
Viresh Ratnakar Fight time, sprint to get cryptic clue in The Times (10) 9
Kishore M. Rao Peace agreement has uncle confused ,displays hostility (10) 9
Dharmi Muthu Aggression shown by uncle forced into armistice(10) 8
Mona Sogal Kosher cryptic clue sneaks in with new defiance(10) 7
Ramki Krishnan Composed cute clue: “Rebellion at the borders”, defining “hostility” (10) 6
Akshay Bhandarkar Inclination to fight deplorable culture, in the past lacking love (10) 6
Santha Ramachandran Bellicosity of uncle rebellious in cease-fire(10) 2

SSV sweeps the top two positions with Ashley Smith coming third .

Congratulations to all those who made the shortlist and SSV for his sweep of the top 2 for a thumping win in this game. This clue is now in our 1AC Hall of Fame.

Thanks to our host Vinod and all members who participated and voted with great enthusiasm.

The list of submissions for this contest can be found here

Congratulations to Vinod Raman for winning 1ACCWC 135 !

His choice of the word to be clued today is TRUCULENCE (10)

Here are the rules

1. Limit of 2 clues per setter .
2. Please anno for everybody’s benefit.
3. The contest closes at 10 PM on the 7th of June , 2017.
4. Voting will be open till the 10th of June , 2017.
5. Results will be announced on Sunday ,the 11th of June, 2017.

1ACCWC -1ACross Clue Writing Contest no 136

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