1ACross is happy to bring to you this grid which was the product of the 1ACgrids game played in the group on 19th April 2017.

Here’s how the game kicked off..At 9.44AM, I posted the following..

Seeing Chatur Vasi’s sir’s comment reminded me of the original 1AC game that I had done many moons ago which predates even this group.

This is a grid fill game, which combines crosswords and scrabble. I will post a starter grid and allot a clue number. Any person can volunteer to set the first clue. If you get my go-ahead, you can put the clue up in the thread. The first person to solve it gets to choose the next word to clue and so on.

The objective of the game is to achieve a successful grid fill with reasonably well known words and phrases.

Anyone interested in playing may also get a turn even if they haven’t solved a clue yet – just ask for it..

The first word we want to fill is 1AC and here’s the clue for it..

Clear a customs document (8)

The one who gets it first should be ready to clue the next word..

It was solved by Chatur Vasi, who took on the next clue and the game progressed, There was a lot of fun and banter and the grid was filled up over the next seven hours, and nearly complete by 5PM. I deliberately left the last clue 10A (-R-A-M) open to any one who wanted to post and had promised to pick the one that I liked best Not entirely surprised that we got a fun finish to end a fun game:)

Here’s the list of setters who contributed clues to the grid. The number of clues is in brackets

1. Sowmya Ramkumar (1)
2. Viresh Ratnakar (2)
3. Chatur Vasi (3)
4. Ramki Krishnan (1)
5. Ashley Smith (2)
6. Lakshmi Vaidyanathan (4)
7. Mona Sogal (5)
8. Aashwina Mouli (2)
9. SSv Avtaar (3)
10. Loks Subrahmanyam (3)
11. Faten Ismail (1)
12. Andrew Warden (2)
13. Nemo Omen (2)
14. Vignesh Kiran (1)

Interestingly, the grid did not use the letters J,Q and Z. Perhaps next time, we could try and target a pangram.

Here’s the link to the interactive puzzle

Here’s a link to the PDF

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