This Crossword, by Brainiac, has been specially created by Sowmya Ramkumar and designed by Brian Dungate for Brighton Crosswords. All future Brighton Crosswords will appear there.

Brainiac puzzles are created in collaboration with other members from our facebook group 1ACross.

For this puzzle, in addition to us, the contributors include 23 members viz., Akshay Bhandarkar, Heidi Schroeder, Manish Misra, Martin DeMello, Ramki Krishnan, SSv Avtaar, Aashwina Mouli, Ajeesh VM, Amrita Majumdar, Arun Kumar, Balaji Agoram, Bhargavi Suryanarayanan, Faten Ismail, Ganesh Nayak, Guruswamy Nataraj, Lakshmi Vaidyanathan, Loks Subrahmanyam, Mona Sogal, Ratnakar Sonthi, Supriya Mithal, Uma Raghavan, Viresh Ratnakar, and Viveca Bhatkal.

You can solve it interactively here

Click here for the PDF version

If you were a clue contributor you might be interested on this occasion on looking at one of the magazines in which the puzzle appeared in the UK to see your name ‘in print’. This is now available to see on the web and all printed magazines were distributed in Brighton  by 2 December 2016.

Click here to see PrestonPages December online edition

Click here for the Solutions

Be sure to read Sowmya Ramkumar’s article on the page following the 2-page crossword spread! Also available at our site – here


A Cracker for Yule 2016

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