Wow! What a day that was:) When the idea of the “twist” in that grid came to me, I bounced it off a few people and it was still with trepidation that I posted it. I must say that I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the way people have managed to crack it..:). Without further ado, here’s the Winner of this game.

Mohsin – The first to submit an all correct grid and also identify all the Easter eggs correctly.
Congrats Mac

The following people also submitted the grid and identified the EEs – In the order of submission received, they were

Bhavan (a very close submission just missing first)
Deepak Gopinath and
Ramki Krishnan

Very well played indeed:)

The two Easter eggs were
1. The NINA – which was “Century” and “Hundred” across and down and forward and reverse – to commemorate our completion of hundred games – Twice:)
2. The grid was a Pangram – (It has all alphabets from A to Z in it)

The following people were able to submit an all correct grid, though they could only get one of the Easter eggs. In the order of submission received, these were
1. Ratnakar Sonthi
2. Narayan Mandyam
3. Shuchismita Upadhyay
4. Abhai Jawa
5. Manish Misra
6. Akshay Bhandarkar
7. Srinivas Kotamarthi and
8. Usha Mehta

The following people had either 1/2 errors in the grid or didn’t identify some of the EEs
1. Viresh Ratnakar
2. Debasmita Basu
3. Lakshmi Vaidyanathan
4. Srinivas Venkatesh
5. Nadathur Rajan

Here’s a picture of the completed grid


Top Picks

On the basis of the submissions received by us, here are the top 10 clues from the Community Grid.

1. ORPHAN by Mg Subramanian scored 28 from 8 votes
2. UNIFIES by Viresh Ratnakar scored 21 from 7 votes
3. ADVANCE by Vinod Raman scored 19 from 5 votes
4. SIXTEEN by Mohsin Ahmed scored 18 from 5 votes
5. STEM by Vinod scored 18 from 4 votes
6. DISTANT by Martin scored 17 from 6 votes
7. RAVINE by Brian scored 17 from 5 votes
8. ANOINT by Abhai scored 16 from 6 votes
9. BURP by Mohsin scored 14 from 5 votes and
10. GOODBYE by Lakshmi scored 11 from 3 votes.

Other Clues that got 1 or more votes (in the order of scores)
Stuck-up (Ramki Krishnan)
Cyanide (Bhavan Kumar)
Dreads (Ajeesh VM)
Grouch (Heidi Schroeder)
Herald ( Aakash Sridhar)
Metier ( Paddy Craven)
Cede ( Atul Jairaj)
Requiem (Shuchismita Upadhyay)
Adhere (Kishore M. Rao)
Annals (Loks Subrahmanyam)
Reverse (Sowmya Ramkumar)
Stick-up (Balaji Agoram)
Wren (@Bhavan)
Alto (Shuchi)
Noun (David Gracia)
Parsec (Anjali Doney Varghese)
Sub-zero (Shrikanth Thirumalaiswami)
Herein (Hari Mannarsamy)
Injured (Srivathsan Santhanam)
Edgy ( Vinit Wankhede)

Congrats to all the setters. The distribution of the scores and votes clearly shows that the clues were all of such high quality that people had a tough time allocating them:)

Grid 4 – Solutions

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