This Crossword was specially prepared to commemorate the 100 games played at One Across and was first published at One Across on 14th March 2015.

This is a 15 x 15 grid with 38 clues that were set by 33 setters – 1. Abhai Jawa 2. AFTERDARK 3. Ajeesh VM, 4. Amrita Majumdar 5. Anjali Doney Varghese 6. Atul Jairaj 7. Balaji Agoram 8. Bhargav Gopal 9. Brian Dungate 10. BUZZER 11. David Gracia 12. Debasmita Basu 13. EXA 14. Hari Mannarsamy 15. Heidi Schroeder 16. INCOGNITO 17. Paddy Craven 18. Lakshmi Vaidyanathan 19. Loks Subrahmanyam 20. MAC 21. Martin DeMello 22. Mg Subramanian 23. Narayan Mandyam 24. Ramki Krishnan 25. Shuchismita Upadhyay 26. Sowmya Ramkumar 27. SPINNER 28. SSv Avtaar 29. TEXTROUS 30. Usha Mehta 31. Venkatraghavan Sahasranaman 32. Vinit Wankhede 33. Viresh Ratnakar

The grid features a Clue Acrostic and also has two buried Easter Eggs, including a NINA. As you solve the puzzle, please be on the look out for these features.

Further to the above, this grid has an extra Twist. The order/location of the clues has been jumbled. In other words, each word is currently referred to by a clue that is out of place.

The Enumeration (Enum) of each clue exactly matches that of the location in which it has been placed. Also, clues and locations have been mutually interchanged – So, for example, if a clue in 6D refers to a solution in 8D, the vice versa is also true..

As part of the solving process, you would need to work out the correct order/location of each clue as well as its solution.

The Across clues and Down clues have NOT been mixed together. All Across clues will have locations in the Across part and the same is true of the Down clues

The Clue Acrostic would be able to assist in the ordering process,. If you correctly order the clues, you would be able to make words using the first letters of the clues. The NINA in the grid may help as well.

You can solve it interactively here

Click here for the PDF version

Click here for the solutions


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